CO2 is being released into the atmosphere faster than at any time in the last 66 million years

Greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels are warming our planet and throwing natural systems out of balance. Hotter temperatures, stronger storms, and rising seas are threatening the health of our families and future generations.

Buildings consume 40% of the nation’s total energy use

Buildings also account for nearly 75% of U.S. electricity use, resulting in annual national energy bills totaling more than $400 billion.

Decarbonizing the world economy "could become the greatest commercial opportunity of our time."

- Mark Carney, UN special envoy on climate action

Fourth Wave Energy accelerates the commercialization of zero energy technologies that deliver healthy, affordable, and carbon-free living.

Fourth Wave Energy delivers integrated energy-efficient design, high-performance components, and rigorous construction standards

Fossil fuel-free, healthy living is achieved by ensuring that buildings have a tight building envelope, dynamically monitor and control air flow and filtration, and harness all their power from the earth, air, and sun.

We deliver net zero energy results in retrofits and new construction.

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Dirty fossil fuels have become so entrenched in powering our lives that the opportunity to transition society to clean renewable energy solutions is nearly endless

Residential: Only 0.01% of housing units in the U.S. are zero energy, but demand is growing. All new homes should be built to high energy efficiency energy standards, but the real opportunity to make a huge impact is to decarbonize existing homes.

Commercial & Industrial: While 62% of office buildings could achieve net-zero, only 1% of buildings are retrofit annually.

We are rolling out new and retrofit geo-solar powered homes and communities to address market potential

Enough solar energy reaches earth every hour to fill all the world’s energy needs for a full year...

Fourth Wave Energy has developed design and construction standards that will fundamentally change the way people live and work in harmony with the environment

Integrated energy efficient building systems will drastically reduce energy consumption and associated emissions
Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. We envision a future where every building has its own self-sustaining natural energy system powered by nature, not fossil fuels.